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Grand Prior Award (Cadet subjects)

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Accident Prevention
Animal CareCampingCaregiversCasualty SimulationChild CareCivil DefenceCommunicationCommunity AwarenessDrillEnvironmentFaithFire SafetyFirst AidFitnessInternational UnderstandingHealthHobbiesHome TechnologyICTKiwianaLeadershipMaoritangaMedia StudiesRoad SafetySt JohnThe ArtsVentureshipWater Safety100 Hours Community Service

Accident Prevention

Accident Prevention

Accidents can happen in any place and at any time. In this subject you will learn how to think safely, spot hazards and be prepared for any situation. Accident Prevention covers everything from making sound decisions to promoting safe attitudes in the community. A highlight of this subject will be the safe theme park that you will create as a division.

Animal CareAnimal Care

Animals are an important part of the environment and most people’s lives. In this subject you will learn how to care for a variety of animals and how to be safe while doing this. Animal Care is a hands on subject that also explores how wild animals are cared for and basic first aid for pets.


Camping is a fun and challenging activity for anyone interested in the outdoors. In this subject you will learn everything from setting up a campsite and travelling in the bush to being prepared for and surviving common situations. One of the most practical subjects, this subject will provide an adventure for you to enjoy and appreciate the outdoors.


Caregivers is all about using the knowledge and skills of First Aid with a large focus on patient care. In this subject you will take an active role in caring for a patient through activities such as setting up a comfortable room to giving medicines. This subject is useful to any cadet wishing to pursue an interest or career in the medical profession.

Casualty SimulationCasualty Simulation

Casualty Simulation is all about staging realistic scenarios and includes everything from setting up a scene to creating fake injuries. You will learn how a patient feels through acting out various injuries and conditions while being treated by your peers. One of the most practical subjects, this subject will help you locate and treat a range of injuries in real life situations.

Child CareChild Care

Child Care is all about exploring the practical care surrounding children. In this subject you will take on a role of responsibility and through practical activities you will develop skills in looking after and addressing the needs of children. The activities you will do in this subject will help you become a dependable and reliable person when taking care of youngsters.

Civil DefenceCivil Defence

Disaster can strike at anytime, anywhere and this subject will help prepare you to survive sudden situations. Civil Defence includes everything from creating an emergency kit, understanding the environment and how to survive in isolation for a small period of time. This subject also covers a variety of skills such as using radios, improved first aid and leadership.


Communication is an important part of everyday life and includes a variety of skills that people develop and perfect over their lifetime. This subject will give you an edge in communicating by providing experiences that build confidence in expressing yourself. This subject is useful to any cadet in developing your ability to interact with others.

Community AwarenessCommunity Awareness

This subject is all about understanding what makes up a community. You will be involved in activities that explore how a community is managed, the needs of people, services that take care of those needs and the groups of people that make up a community. This subject will help promote a sense of responsibility in becoming an active member in your local area.


Drill is all about perfecting a variety of movements and taking pride in yourself. In this subject you will polish your skills and self-discipline while working as a team. One of the six compulsory subjects for the Grand Prior’s Award, this subject will build morale and help promote a sense of respect for yourself and others.


With everything so busy these days it is very easy to forget about taking care of our surroundings. This subject is all about taking responsible actions and how humans can damage the environment. The subject raises questions on how we can preserve nature and protect this great resource for future generations.


This subject is all about self-discovery, understanding your values and how to appreciate and deal with conflicting opinions. You will be involved in activities that aim to enrich your personal views of faith, culture and identity. This subject will mean something different to each cadet and provides an opportunity for you to be aware of how you think and what you treasure in your life.

Fire SafetyFire Safety

Fire is a common hazard that we are exposed to throughout our lives. In this subject you will develop your awareness of the dangers of fire and how to use it safely. One of the most practical subjects in the Cadet Programme, this subject will help you survive fires and be prepared for treating injuries caused by fire.

First AidFirst Aid

First Aid has been an important activity of St John for over 900 years. In this subject you will develop skills to respond safely and assist others during emergency situations. This subject is a useful skill for any cadet, especially if you wish to pursue an interest or career in ambulance and other medical professions.


Regular physical activity is a vital part of a healthy lifestyle. In this subject you will engage in discussions around the benefits of regular activity and take part in challenging exercises that will develop your personal strength and stamina. One of the most active subjects in the Cadet Programme, this subject will also enhance your skills in setting and achieving personal goals.

International UnderstandingGlobal Citizenship

A global citizen is a person who respects and values diversity, has an understanding of the world we live in and has a sense of their role as a citizen of the world. Global citizenship is about discovering the world we live in and promoting cross-cultural understanding, particularly important when living in a multicultural society like New Zealand. This badge explores what culture is, different cultures, customs and traditions, systems of government, New Zealand's role in the world and current international events. 


Health is more than having a fit and strong body. In order to be completely healthy, you must also take care of your emotions, relationships and self-identity. In this subject you will explore a variety of skills in taking care of your well-being from personal hygiene to understanding and dealing with carious emotions – helping you to look after your whole self in many different ways.


In this subject you will explore the various activities available so that you can spend your leisure time constructively. This subject will help focus on your ability to improve in a chosen field by setting goals and tracking your progress. Leisure pursuits can lead to a professional careers that interest you such as chefs, builders, designers, landscape artists and photographers.

Home TechnologyHome Technology

Home technology is all about the life skills you will need to support yourself in later life. In this subject you will develop a range of skills from cooking meals to carrying out minor repairs around the home. The knowledge and practical tasks of this subject will prove very useful in preparing you for the outside world.

ICTIT (Information Technology)

Technology continues to be a common tool that we use to interact with others every day. Using technology is fast becoming more and more an essential part of everyday life. This badge focuses on technology that is used primarily for creating or gathering information in a variety of ways. Cadets will be exposed to many technological uses, ranging from everyday software to computer programming languages. Cadets should finish this badge knowing about hardware, software, and how to use these in combination safely.


A badge which incorporates all things Kiwi. It acknowledges who we are as New Zealanders, highlighting our history, our values and our impact. The Kiwana badge enables our Youth to think more in-depth about the culture of New Zealand whilst also enjoying some classic Kiwiana fun and enjoyment. The badge challenges our youth to develop a connection to New Zealand’s past, present day and future.


Leadership is an essential skill that includes communication, decision making, taking charge and working towards a common goal. This subject aims to develop your abilities in coaching others and becoming a responsible leader that looks after the needs of your team. The gold level subject is also required before you can be considered for promotion to an NCO rank (e.g. Corporal).


Being aware of New Zealand’s Māori heritage is vital if we are to value our unique culture. In this subject you will learn and gain an appreciation of the traditional and modern life of Māori. It includes a variety of hands on activities that will allow you to be actively involved and participate fully in all aspects of Māori culture.

Media StudiesMedia Studies

Technology is being used for more and more things, every device now has the capability of taking photo's and recording videos. It's important young people can take advantage of these features and learn how to use them in a safe way. Young people are now being exposed to media from a range of sources, this badge aims to educate young people on how to use media sources that are accurate and how you can produce your own media and show them on these sources. Cadets will learn to take photo's and produce video and learn how to manipulate them and improve them. You will also learn how to use social media in a constructive and safe way.

Road SafetyRoad Safety

Getting from one place to another is a natural part of everyday life. In this subject you will learn how to use different forms of transport safely on New Zealand roads. Road Safety includes everything from checking the safety of a bike to assisting patients at a road accident, through a variety of exciting activities.

St JohnSt John

St John has been around for over 900 years and has a very exciting and eventful history. In this subject you will cover our rich heritage, how St John provides care to communities in New Zealand and internationally, and where we are heading as an organisation. This subject will develop your skills in researching and presenting information effectively.

The ArtsThe Arts

The Arts covers four type – drama, music, dance and visual art. In this subject you will use your creative flair to express yourself through various forms of art. Activities will include viewing and listening to pieces of art to develop your ideas and explore how messages and emotions can be communicated through art. This subject is one of the most expressive subjects in the Cadet Programme.


Ventureship is all about stepping out of your comfort zone. In this subject you will be involved in a variety of outdoor adventure activities that will challenge and push you to your limits. By completing these ventures you will also build confidence in what you can do if you set your mind to it.

Water SafetyWater Safety

Water can be very dangerous if people are ill-prepared or ignore safety rules. In this subject you will learn how to act safely and spot hazards in and around water. There will also be practical activities to develop your confidence and attitudes in a variety of aquatic environments.

100 Hours Community Service100 Hours Community Service

St John promotes our young people getting involved in their community. You can earn hours for any voluntary activity that benefits the people, services or environment in your community without personal gain. To be eligible for the Grand Prior Award cadets must complete a minimum of 100 hours community service. You can keep earning, and achieve the ultimate, the 1000hrs shield.


The Grand Prior Award

The Grand Prior Award is the ultimate Award for St John Cadets to obtain. The Award is revised every year and is one of the best educational youth programmes in New Zealand. Learning objectives are built on the New Zealand Education Curriculum to ensure that cadets are given an edge outside of school and that we don’t overlap what is done in the classroom. 

The main curriculum of the cadet programme is the Grand Prior’s Award where cadets set goals and achieve in a variety of areas. There are 27 subjects available, 6 of them are compulsory.

The programme provides many topics for cadets to choose from. Although the award is a real challenge, it's super rewarding and is something all our young peope aspire to obtain. 

Presentation of the award is very special. As the highest award, other than for bravery, St John can bestow on its Cadets, our young people have the option to travel to Government House and participante in a ceremony where the Grand Prior badge and parchment is presented by the Prior of St John in New Zealand, The Governor General. How cool is that!