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Cadet Programme

How to Join 

It's easy to become a member of St John Youth.

We recommend using the Youth Map to find your closest division that meets on your preferred night. Come along and visit to see if the Cadet Programme could be right for you. 

Even if you might have already decided you want to join, we require young people to attend 2 Divisional Nights to ensure encourage you are absolutely sure you want to.

A focus on first aid, healthcare, leadership and general life skills 

Cadets are the largest group within St John Youth. Since the programme is for all young people in school years 7 through 13, cadets are grouped into various levels for training, competitions, events, camps and even social activities. We also have many mixed activities for senior cadets to take the lead and provide role models for junior cadets to aspire to. 

So although we cover a lot of ages - don’t panic! Cadets enter levels based on their age and unique needs. 


Youth Divisions 

Cadets meet once a week during the school term at their local division. Every division has a unique programme to suit your needs and interests, so there is a lot of variety.

Additional opportunities 

Outside the exciting activities that happen in a division, there are heaps of other activities throughout the year for cadets to meet new people, learn new things and have loads of fun. This is a big list, so we’ll cover the many social, adventure, competitive and travel opportunities later in the tour. 

Sapphire Shield 

Blue Group follow the Cadet Curriculum, and for each badge that is completed they are awarded a sew-on badge. The Blue Group work towards their Sapphire Shield. They need to complete 5 compulsory badges, 5 optional badges, and 25 hours of community service to achieve this award. It usually takes two to three years to complete the Sapphire Shield, and they are presented a sew-on badge and certificate to mark their achievement. 

Blue Cadets are in school years 7 to 9.


Grand Prior's Award 

The main curriculum of the Gold Group is the Grand Prior’s Award where cadets set goals and achieve in a variety of areas. There are 14 subjects available which gives a lot of options for cadets to choose from. Although the ‘GP’ award is a real challenge, it is very rewarding. 

The Grand Prior's Award is gained by completing 5 compulsory badges, 5 badges of the cadet's own choice, a Level 2 First Aid certficate, and 100 hours of community service. Once the requirements are complete, the Grand Prior's Award is completed and awarded at a ceremony in the presence of the Governor General.

The award is revised every year and is one of the best educational youth programmes in the world. Learning objectives are built on the New Zealand Education Curriculum to ensure that cadets are given an edge outside of school and that we don’t overlap what is done in the classroom. 

Gold Cadets are in school years 10+. 


Because the Cadet Programme is so diverse, there are many ways to achieve in St John Youth.

  • Once a cadet completes 10 gold level subjects, the Level 2 First Aid certificate and 100 service hours, they will achieve their Grand Prior’s Award. This is the ultimate in St John Youth and is presented by the Governor General.
  • Enter St John Competitions where you will handle emergency situation scenarios with acting patients, fake blood and even explosions!

  • There are many honours in the Cadet Programme from being part of a Colour Party to the most valued roles such as Cadet of the Year.

  • Be nominated for one of our high-calibre training courses, earn rank to become a leader in St John or get recognised for serving your local community.


St John Youth offers many different opportunities for young people to challenge themselves. The only limit to what you can achieve is how far you are willing to go!

Outside your weekly divisional meetings, there is an assortment of possibilities for all ages.

  • Overnight stays and camps
  • Courses and training workshops
  • Fun days and social functions
  • Competitions and first aid scenarios
  • Adventure activities
  • Drill and formal ceremonies
  • Operational events alongside St John Events personnel
  • Travel opportunities
  • and much more!


Enrolment and Term Fees

St John asks parents or caregivers for a contribution towards their child's learning. 

The fee structure is is: 

  • $25 enrolment fee
  • $25 term fee; this is per term, per member. 

Additional costs 

  • We may charge extra activity fees for camps, visits or other activities on a case by case basis.

* St John has funds available to meet costs in cases of hardship 

Fees Assistance

St John is committed to ensuring that cost is not a barrier to participation in the Youth programme. We provide a fees assistance programme, open to any Youth member whose whānau needs support to ensure they can continue to participate in, and benefit from, the Youth programme. 

Fees assistance for new members can be applied for here


Our cadet uniform includes:

                             Uniform Chart