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Being a Youth Leader - For all people young at heart (18+ years)

Help make a positive impact on the lives of young people

Youth Leaders are our most important resource in St John Youth. We have a team of 900+ volunteer youth leaders that deliver our youth programmes across the country and they are the engine behind our growing success in New Zealand communities.  Our leaders come from a wide range of backgrounds and offer a range of skills, it's not all just about First Aid! 

What's Involved

Youth Leaders develop young people by teaching skills, providing challenges and overseeing the delivery of our programmes. They also make a huge difference to the development of young people by acting as a coach and mentor for various aspects of their life such as helping map a future career or setting personal goals. Due to the variety in our programmes, there is an assortment of roles and ways our leaders are involved.

The benefits of being a Youth Leader


Seeing young people grow to realise their potential, and knowing that you have been a key part to that growth is a very powerful feeling and makes it all worthwhile. Our youth leaders make a massive difference to the lives of young people and this is the most rewarding part of being a Youth Leader.

Personal Development

Youth Leaders often experience a rapid development in their own skills such as leadership, managing people, communication, planning, understanding young people - as well as practical skills in health and medical emergencies.

But wait, there’s more!

By joining such a large team of sociable people, our leaders often form lifelong friendships across the country. There are also the added bonuses of helping out in your local community and enjoying the member benefits of being part of St John. 

Leadership Roles

A lot of things happen for us to run such a professional programme. Whether you prefer to help out on the night, behind the scenes, at a division, on a camp, teaching or fundraising - there are many roles to suit your interests, skills and time available.. or perhaps you want to do everything! 

  • Get on the front-line and interact with young people by becoming a youth leader in St John.
  • Lead and support a team of leaders and cadets by becoming a youth manager.
  • Go undercover and help out behind the scenes with our programmes in a youth support role. 


As a youth leader, St John supports you in many ways:

  • Ongoing training in a variety of areas based on your needs and experience (e.g. first aid, management.).

  • Reimbursing costs that are incurred as a result of being a leader in our programmes.

  • Teams are supported by youth managers who can help with a variety of challenges and difficulties.



We will help you into a role that suits you, so please click here if you would like to know more.