Members Area


4037 Total Youth Members Regions - Northern Region - 1238 Members Regions - South Island Region - 1492 Members Regions - Central Region - 1307 Members 818 Total Youth Leaders

Membership Costs

Enrolment and Term Fees

St John asks parents or caregivers for a contribution towards their child's learning. 

The fee structure is is: 

  • $25 enrolment fee
  • $25 term fee; this is per term, per member. 

Additional costs 

  • We may charge extra activity fees for camps, visits or other activities on a case by case basis.

* St John has funds available to meet costs in cases of hardship 

Fees Assistance

St John is committed to ensuring that cost is not a barrier to participation in the Youth programme. We provide a fees assistance programme, open to any Youth member whose whānau needs support to ensure they can continue to participate in, and benefit from, the Youth programme. 

Fees assistance for new members can be applied for here