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Join St John Youth

Penguin and Cadet Membership 

Enrolment and Term Fees

Hato Hone St John asks parents or caregivers for a contribution towards their child's learning. 

The fee structure is is: 

  • $25 enrolment fee
  • $25 term fee; this is per term, per member. 

Additional costs 

  • We may charge extra activity fees for camps, visits or other activities on a case by case basis.

* St John has funds available to meet costs in cases of hardship 

Fees Assistance

Hato Hone St John is committed to ensuring that cost is not a barrier to participation in the Youth programme. We provide a fees assistance programme, open to any Youth member whose whānau needs support to ensure they can continue to participate in, and benefit from, the Youth programme. 

Fees assistance for new members can be applied for here

How to Join 

So long as there is a division in your area, it is very simple to become a member of St John Youth. 

We recommend using the Youth Map to find your closest division that meets on your preferred night. Come along and visit to see if the Youth Programme could be right for you. 

Even if you might have already decided you want to join, we require young people to attend 2 Divisional Nights to ensure you are absolutely sure you want to.

After you have attended at least two divisional nights go to this link to enrol.


Become a Youth Leader

So you want to become a Youth Leader? Or perhaps you’re just thinking about it..

..well let us start off by saying thank you!

The main requirement to be a leader is time. What we need are capable people who can find time to help run our programmes. In return you get to help young people develop and grow, watch them mature and add something to their lives.

We will help you into a role that suits you, so please click here if you would like to know more.