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St John Youth Visual Identity Review

Sep 05 2016



St John Youth has its own visual identity, based on a unique design and well-defined graphics. All of these components make up the youth ‘visual identity’. Consisting of the name, logo, font, colour and signature style, the visual identity is essentially the story of our youth programme and the values ​​that we wish to convey. It is essential for a brand asserting themselves through both print and online media, and is one of the fundamental pillars of the communication strategy of St John Youth.

Our marketing team would like us to take a look at our current St John Youth visual identity, it's been around for a while and now is a great time to review it. Our identity guidelines have provided St John Youth with a great set of tools and templates and we need to know, is it still relevant? This is where you can assist us by providing valuable feedback on our current visual identity and help shape a new look future facing identity. 

If it's decided based on your feedback that St John Youth would benefit from a new or refreshed visual approach then our St John marketing team will help us create a new one and then be tasked with bringing it to life on marketing materials, digital touchpoints and the physical gallery spaces, as well as creating a new set of visual guidelines for us to use in our day to day communications.

  1. Click HERE to open an e-copy of the current youth visual identity guidelines, or
  2. Click HERE to be taken to the online survey.


Thanks for taking the time to complete our online survey,

Sarah Manley
Director Community Health Services
St John New Zealand





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