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St John Honours List 2018

Mar 12 2018

St John Honours List 2018
I am pleased to advise that Her Majesty the Queen, Sovereign Head of the Most Venerable Order of the Hospital of St John of Jerusalem, has on the recommendation of the New Zealand Priory Chapter, sanctioned a number of admissions to and promotions in the Order of St John.

Members will be invested at ceremonies in June and November 2018.

St John, which has unbroken links back to the medieval Order of St John, is an independent part of the New Zealand Royal Honours System. We confer membership of the Order of St John on individuals who have acted conspicuously in carrying out the mission of St John New Zealand.

On behalf of the Priory Secretary, the Priory Chapter members and myself, I extend our sincere congratulations to those that have been honoured this year, and thank you all for the wonderful contribution you make to the work of the Order in New Zealand.

– Dr Steve Evans, Chancellor


                     Honours 2018 

 The St John Honours System 

The Order of St John is an independent part of the New Zealand Royal Honours system. Honours are conferred by the Order with the sanction of The Queen as Sovereign Head of the Order of St John.

The Order confers membership on people who support St John’s mission to care for all New Zealanders to prevent and relieve sickness and injury, and to act to enhance the wellbeing of people of all races and creeds. Through their contribution, recipients of honours stand out from their peers. The recipients include volunteers and paid staff who work side by side to provide our wide range of services to New Zealanders.

The Grades of the Order are Knight and Dame, Commander, Officer and Member. Members make up the majority of the Order. Members may be promoted on their continued and enhanced contribution.

The Order of St John was established as a Royal Order of Chivalry in the 1800s and is an independent part of the New Zealand Royal Honours System. An order of chivalry is best described as a group of people sworn by a set of rules to provide Christian care for the sick and the poor.

The honours, sanctioned by Her Majesty The Queen, as Sovereign Head of the Order of St John, recognises the work of individuals and the work that is done by all of our members.

The Order Roll currently has 1,694 members.