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Gearing up for National Youth Festival 2017

Mar 28 2017


    90 Years



April is just around the corner and Central Region is proud to be hosting the 2017 National Youth Festival in the town of Whanganui which is the birthplace of St John Youth where it all began in New Zealand 90 years ago in 1927.

This National Youth Festival and Competition is a four day event, the competitions are a challenging, fast paced and exciting time that is packed full of entertainment and activities designed to engage and stimulate our St John Cadets and spread awareness of the opportunities we provide young people.

The National Competitions will be held on day 2 of the National Youth Festival and are held between Northern, Central and South Island Regions. The competition events will provide a range of thrilling, exciting and complicated tests that will test all types of skill and experience. While team work is the name of the game we provide an environment that is always fun and supporting that continue to develop our young peoples life skills. Our countries top cadets will demostrate confidence and expertise as they response to realistic and complext casualty simulation tests. Much has changed during our 90years of existance.

The Competition day is open to the public to view at Whanganui's Cooks Gardens and you are warmly invited to support your Region, learn from the demonstrations or just witness some of the scenarios our Emergency Services work with on a daily basis.

Whanganui is the city where the St John Youth programme was first established in New Zealand on the 2nd of May 1927 and still supports a healthy Youth Division today. We are returning to the beautiful city as we celebrate 90 years of growth around the country and our successful youth achievements.

National Youth Festival 2017, 21st to 24th April, you don't want to miss it!  

– Amy Haig | Organising Committee Spokesperson