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Linking to Leadership Hui

Jul 27 2018

We need you!

We want to improve the experience for members of St John Youth as they transition from cadet to an adult, are you 18-25 years and believe you have some great ideas?

Register today to be part of the development, creation and implementation of a platform for St John Youth to better support young people as you transition, and options of how we can engage those looking for a more flexible way of staying involved.

We are looking for 30 enthusiastic leaders from across New Zealand, aged 18-25 who would like to be part of this hui! As well as participants we are looking for 3-5 champions who we will work with prior to our hui, and who will lead the agenda and co-facilitate our workshops.

Linking to Leadership Hui
When: 8:00pm Friday 5th October – 12:00pm Sunday 7th October 2018
Where: Waddington Youth Camp, Waddington, Christchurch

All costs to attend this hui are covered through National Headquarters, all you need to do is register by Monday 27th August – if more than 30 people register for this event we will work with regions to shortlist to 10 participants per region.

To receive the registration link or for more information, email

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