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Thank You - International Volunteer Day

Dec 05 2016

Sarah Manley

“Together we can”!

On this International Volunteer Day we acknowledge that there is nothing stronger than the heart of a volunteer and therefore we would like to honour and thank our 9447 volunteers.

Our volunteers are giving their precious time and efforts to make a difference in their communities. We couldn’t have done it without you!  One billion people volunteer around the world, all giving their time and skills to improve communities, save lives, fix things that are broken, and bring people together. Whether we are working locally as community gardeners, or on the sport fields, in a Youth Divison, as aid workers or working with migrant communities, we are part of the global movement of volunteers.

Let’s use this day to celebrate and recognise New Zealand’s volunteers for the invaluable work they do in our communities, locally and globally.

                      – Sarah Manley, Director of Community Health Services


Thank You to our Volunteers

               Volunteer Day 


"I extend my deepest gratitude to the more than 6,700 United Nations Volunteers, 12,000 United Nations Online Volunteers and the one billion community volunteers worldwide. You are all instrumental to the future of people and the planet. Your commitment and passion can act as inspiration to us all."          

                      – UN Secretary-General, Ban Ki-moon