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90 Grand Prior Cadets to match 90 Years of St John Youth

Oct 08 2017

90 Grand Prior Cadets Celebrate 90 Years of St John Youth in New Zealand


The Grand Prior’s Award is the ultimate award for St John Cadets to obtain. The main curriculum of the cadet programme is the Grand Prior’s Award where cadets set goals and achieve in a variety of areas. The Grand Prior’s Award is in many ways the flagship of our youth programme. As the principle syllabus for our cadets, it provides the framework for our leaders to run educatThe Grand Prior Awardional, fun and exciting programmes.

There are 29 subjects available, 6 of them are compulsory. The programme provides many topics for cadets to choose from. Although the award is a real challenge, it’s super rewarding and is something all our young peope aspire to obtain.

The very first Grand Prior Awards were presented on 17 February 1933 to two ambulance Cadets in England and a Nursing Cadet in Australia. New Zealand immediately adopted the programme and saw the first awards to overseas Ambulance Cadets made on 14 December 1934 to Basil Buckley, Duncan Clark, Jack Ede and Clyde MacFarlane from the Christchurch No 3 Division.

Presentation of the award is very special. As the highest award, other than for bravery, St John can bestow on its Cadets, our young people have the option to travel to Government House and participate in a ceremony where the Grand Prior badge and parchment is presented by the Prior of St John in New Zealand, The Governor General.

As part of our year of celebrations to mark 90 years of the St John Youth programme being delivered in New Zealand; 90 very special young people were invited to receive the ultimate badge, The Grand Prior Award at a ceremony hosted by the Prior of St John and Governor General of New Zealand, Her Excellency The Rt Hon Dame Pasty Reddy on 6 October 2017.

To download your own copy of the 2017 Government House citation pack please click HERE                    

                           90 Grand Prior Cadets Celebrate 90 Years of St John Youth in New Zealand

The youth programme began 2 May 1927 in New Zealand and we are still going strong today!

A message from Sarah Manley the Director of Community Health Services for St John New Zealand.

"They often say to understand the future you must understand the past. As we celebrate 90 years of St John Youth we can proudly say we have a legacy of producing young leaders throughout New Zealand, and how exciting it was to be part of this special event held at Government House as part of that legacy. St John is proud of the work we do with young people and more importantly, proud of the young people who choose to be part of us."

On behalf of all of us from within and the wider St John family we extend to all 90 Cadets our huge congratulations to you all on this fine achievement.

Central Region Awardees

  • Abigail Turner
  • Aimee Duston
  • Alysha van Wijk
  • Amelia Wylie
  • Amethyst Barnard-Bull
  • Angelia Clarke
  • Bailey Harris
  • Blake Tolley
  • Cameron Beauchamp
  • Cascade Price
  • Charmaine Sheffield
  • Danylle Grant
  • Dylan Budge
  • Eimhin O'Shea
  • Elaine Slaney
  • Gemma Clunie
  • Glen van Leeuwen
  • Hayden Tankersley
  • Ivana Emer
  • Jack Geden
  • Jacob Morris
  • Jacob Perkins
  • Jamie Churchouse
  • Jarrod Young
  • Joshua Morris
  • Julie Anniss
  • Laura Bruin
  • Laura Campbell-Morrision
  • Lyneil Gray
  • Maddison Herdman
  • Madison Hart
  • Mikayla Donohue
  • Nicole Bluett
  • Rachel Bluett
  • Rachel Li
  • Reef Majurey-Johns
  • Sophie Napier
  • Tamara Stratton
  • Taylor Spencer
  • Thomsa Boulton
  • Yasmin Hansen-Purchase
  • Zoe Edwards


South Island Region Awardees

  • Brooke Bennett
  • Caleb Jopson
  • Callum Simonsen
  • Cameron Anisy
  • Courtney Anderson
  • Courtney Chalmers
  • Courtney Smith
  • Devon Harding
  • Grace Froggett-Bush
  • Hannah Ireland
  • Jacoba Kinley
  • Jamie Simonsen
  • Jenifer Stratford
  • Jessa Gardner
  • Jordan O'Neill
  • Joseph Murray
  • Kaleb Donald
  • Lucy Mattingly
  • Mackenzie Green
  • Micaela Aldridge
  • Millie Bray
  • Natasha Young
  • Nick Grant
  • Ocar Sergel-Stringer
  • Robert Batt
  • Tessa Jackson
  • Tim Moule
  • William Brett


Northern Region Awardees

  • Ashleigh Coffman-Monk
  • Atajlia Dunnett-Wilkes
  • Charlotte Kemp
  • Douglas Maynard
  • Emma Jeffries
  • Generieve Wedgewood
  • Georgia Leaning
  • Georia Shen
  • Hanbi You
  • Logan Doody
  • Luke Smith
  • Mark Bosman
  • Niamh Curd
  • Nicole Jones
  • Paige Robinson
  • Rebekah Pawley
  • Robert Simpkin
  • Samuel Blewett
  • Tegan Roycroft-Cooper
  • Timothy Aitkenhead






 – Jacci Tatnell | Head of Youth and Schools Programmes