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Penguin Badges

Listed below are all the badges in our penguin programme, click on a badge to find out more!

Caring Penguin Communications Penguin First Aid PenguinGames PenguinHealthy PenguinHobbies PenguinResourceful PenguinSafety PenguinSt John


Caring PenguinCaring Penguin

Encourages you to think about the needs of others. It covers everything from caring for the elderly, the young, the sick and even your pets!

Communications Penguin Communications Penguin

Encourages you to think about the different ways people communicate and aims to improve your own ability to communicate with others in different situations.

First Aid PenguinFirst Aid Penguin

Introduces you to basic first aid, including accident and emergency situations, breathing, bones, bleeding and burns.

Games PenguinGames Penguin

Enables you to play a wide range of games which will encourage team skills and creative learning. One of the most fun badges, this even includes playing and designing your own games!

Healthy PenguinHealthy Penguin

Will help you lead a more healthy life and aid your understanding of what good health is all about. This includes diet, personal hygiene and keeping fit.

Hobbies PenguinHobbies Penguin

Will help you make good use of your leisure time by encouraging you to take up a range of interesting and enjoyable hobbies.

Resourceful PenguinResourceful Penguin

Encourages you to take an active interest in the world around you and become aware of relevant resources in your local community.

Safety PenguinSafety Penguin

Helps you be aware of how to keep yourself and others safe in different situations such as at home, the outdoors, on the road and around water.

St JohnSt John Penguin

Gives you a basic understanding of the history of St John and the work we do in New Zealand and around the world.