A focus on first aid, health care, leadership and general life skills.

The Cadet Programme
  • Develops your skills in caring for people and dealing with emergency situations
  • Enhances your personal, social and career development
  • Develops leadership and decision-making skills
  • Grows a powerful sense of responsibility for yourself, others and the community
  • Builds self-esteem and a feeling of belonging
  • Develops a caring and sensitive attitude to the environment and the community

How it works
  • Cadets meet once a week during the school term at their local division.
  • Cadets take part in the Grand Prior’s Award Scheme and have a range of opportunities available depending on their needs and interests.
  • Contact between other divisions is encouraged through various social functions, competitions and camps.

Camps and Activities
  As part of our focus on positive youth development there is a huge assortment of activities for different ages. These include camps, offsite visits, adventure activities, ceremonial events and social functions.

Training Courses
  As a cadet you will have access to a variety of weekend courses that refine your skills in various areas. These include first aid, healthcare, leadership, ventureship and many more! Tailored to your needs and interests, these courses will help you develop in these areas.

  Amongst all the camps, activities, social and training opportunities, cadets also have numerous other opportunities available to them that have proved very positive to the development of cadets. These include local travel opportunities to Regional Competitions, National Festivals and even international travel which has seen small groups of cadets traverse to places such as Canada, Hong Kong, Malaysia and the United Kingdom. There are also annual scholarships for Outward Bound, the Spirit of Adventure, and the St John Cadet of the Year selection.

Operational Events
  Cadets who have undergone specific training and have an interest in patient care and first aid have the option to attend events alongside trained Events Volunteers and Ambulance Officers as part of their development. This is conducted under guided supervision and can be a very beneficial experience for cadets wishing to help out in their community or pursue a career in the medical profession.

Quote: St John now means to me the opportunity to help someone in a time of need.

Grand Prior's Award Scheme

Leadership Training

Penguin Programme

Our programmes are run by Youth Leaders, carefully selected on their suitability and skills with young people.

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